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Welcome to European Football Logos: an online catalogue featuring a host of logos from across the continent, including UEFA, the national associations, the national teams, the leagues, the clubs, the competitions, and more. With thousands of logos from a vast horde of European clubs, from AA Gent to Zvarnots Yerevan, and from nations from Albania to Wales; once everything is uploaded you're sure to find what you're looking for. If you can't find what you're looking for you can either browse the Site Map or use the search facility at the top of each page, or, if you're feeling very lucky, just hit the random page link top left.

We are always in need of new members, so if you'd like to create or improve the pages for your particular country or club, or any of the pages here, then please feel free to join this site. If you do join, then please try to only upload logos of a similar quality to those already featured here, preferably good quality 400px2 png files with a transparent background. There are many sites on the internet where logos can be found and vector versions of many others are also available which can easily be converted to png. Please contact an administrator if you need help with where to find these files, editing them, or how to create or edit the pages here.

All images should be uploaded as minimum 400px png. We have tried to crop the designs as precisely as we can, in order that they can then be used with various background colours. Many of the sites featuring some of these same logos use a white background, and several of the logos feature extraneous white areas which render the designs unsuitable for use on coloured backgrounds. Hopefully, the designs featured here won't suffer from the same problems. New designs will be uploaded as and when they are available, and designs already featured will be improved wherever possible. Please note that the logos featured here are copyright of their respective owners, and are included here for educational and research purposes, as examples of corporate branding and artwork relating to the game of association football and its history.

Online graphics have come a long way since the days of limited palette GIFs, and vector formats such as svg and eps have opened up a new realm of possibilities for digital graphic design allowing for high accuracy at any given resolution. Many of the pngs featured on this site have been rendered from vector files, and many others have been converted from bitmap to vector. If you want to comment on or discuss any of the logos, or any of the clubs, featured in this website click on the discuss button which can be found at the bottom of each page. This will open a forum thread for that page. Only those with Wikidot accounts can post, but it's very easy to open an account here; just click on the button at the top right of any page, and you might just end up creating your very own wiki dedicated to your club.


Whether you call them logos, shields, badges or crests, no one can deny the strength of the visual impact of the artform. These designs are a way for clubs and their fans to express their identity. The history and evolution of the logos is a part of the history of the clubs and associations themselves and the symbolism embedded within these designs often stays with us, as fans, for the whole of our lives. For those who love their club, they are instantly identifiable and can evoke emotions as strongly as any artform. We shall leave you with the logo of the first club formed in the hometown of the creator of this wiki; the very first football club in the world. Little could they have known, back in 1857, the impact that their fledgling game was to have on the whole wide world.


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