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All true, although I have to point out that the badge for the world's oldest football club, Sheffield FC, features two footballers. Their badge can be seen at the bottom of the home page here.

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Re: Sparta Rotterdam by Vibracobra23Vibracobra23, 20 Dec 2018 23:36

The logo of the Bundesliga famously features a footballer but is Sparta Rotterdam, the oldest professional football club in the Netherlands, one of the few clubs whose badge ignores lions, tigers, town/city coat of arms etc. and actually depicts a player in the club's traditional red and white stripes?

Offhand I can't think of another club logo which includes a footballer - is this yet another distinctive Sparta Rotterdam feature? - but no doubt others will be able to name some other club whose badge also includes a player.

In the following leagues none of the member clubs feature a player in their club badge.

The forty-two clubs in the Scottish Professional Football League.
The twelve clubs in the Welsh Premier League.

Sparta Rotterdam by bobmcpbobmcp, 28 Apr 2017 10:06
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