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Swedish Football Association
Svenska Fotbollförbundet Founded: 1904 FIFA affiliation: 1904 UEFA affiliation: 1954 Current Logo Previous Logos

Swindon Town FC
Swindon Town Football Club Hometown: Swindon Founded: 1879 Current Logo Previous Logos

Swiss Football Association
Association Suisse de Football / Associazione Svizzera di Football / Schweizerischer Fussballverbund / Associaziun Svizra da Ballape Founded: 1895 FIFA affiliation: 1904 UEFA affiliation: 1954 Current...

Tamworth FC
Tamworth Football Club Hometown: Tamworth Founded: 1933 Current Logo Previous Logos

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The Football Association
The Football Association Founded: 1863 FIFA affiliation: 1905 UEFA affiliation: 1954 Current Logo

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Torino FC
Torino Football Club SpA Hometown: Turin Founded: 1906 Current Logo Previous Logos

Torquay United FC
Torquay United Football Club Hometown: Torquay Founded: 1899 Current Logo Alternate Logo Previous Logos

Tottenham Hotspur FC
Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Hometown: London Founded: 1882 Current Logo Previous Logos

Turkish Football Federation
Türkiye Futbol Federasyonu Founded: 1923 FIFA affiliation: 1923 UEFA affiliation: 1962 Current Logo

UC Sampdoria
Unione Calcio Sampdoria SpA Hometown: Genoa Founded: 1946 Current Logo Previous Logos

Udinese Calcio
Udinese Calcio SpA Hometown: Udine Founded: 1896 Current Logo Previous Logos

Union des Associations Européennes de Football Founded: 1954 Current Logo

Urbs Reggina 1914
Urbs Sportiva Reggina 1914 Hometown: Reggio Calabria Founded: 1914 Current Logo Previous Logos

US Ancona 1905
Unione Sportiva Ancona 1905 Hometown: Ancona Founded: 1905 Current Logo Previous Logos

US Città di Palermo
Unione Sportiva Città di Palermo SpA Hometown: Palermo Founded: 1900 Current Logo Previous Logos

US Lecce
Unione Sportiva Lecce SpA Hometown: Lecce Founded: 1908 Current Logo Previous Logos

Vicenza Calcio
Vicenza Calcio SpA Hometown: Vicenza Founded: 1902 Current Logo Previous Logos

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