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Brighton & Hove Albion FC
Brighton Hove Albion Football Club Hometown: Brighton Hove Founded: 1901 Current Logo Previous Logos

Bristol City FC
Bristol City Football Club Hometown: Bristol Founded: 1897 Current Logo Previous Logos

Bulgarian Football Union
Български футболен съюз Founded: 1923 FIFA affiliation: 1924 UEFA affiliation: 1954 Current Logo

Bury FC
Bury Football Club Hometown: Bury Founded: 1885 Current Logo Previous Logos

Cagliari Calcio
Cagliari Calcio SpA Hometown: Cagliari Founded: 1920 Current Logo Previous Logos

Calcio Catania
Calcio Catania SpA Hometown: Catania Founded: 1908 Current Logo Previous Logos

Cambridge United FC
Cambridge United Football Club Hometown: Cambridge Founded: 1912 Current Logo Previous Logos

Cardiff City FC
Cardiff City Football Club Hometown: Cardiff Founded: 1899 Current Logo Previous Logos

Carpi FC 1909
Carpi Football Club 1909 Hometown: Carpi Founded: 1909 Current Logo

Charlton Athletic FC
Charlton Athletic Football Club Hometown: London Founded: 1905 Current Logo Previous Logos

Chelsea FC
Chelsea Football Club Hometown: London Founded: 1905 Current Logo Previous Logos

Chester City FC
Chester City Football Club Hometown: Chester Founded: 1885 Dissolved: 2010 Logos

Colchester United FC
Colchester United Football Club Hometown: Colchester Founded: 1937 Current Logo Previous Logos

Commonwealth Of Independent States
Association Football Federation of the Commonwealth of Independent States Founded: 1992 FIFA affiliation: 1992-1992 UEFA affiliation: 1992-1992 Disbanded: 1992 Logo

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Coventry City FC
Coventry City Football Club Hometown: Coventry Founded: 1883 Current Logo Previous Logos

Crewe Alexandra FC
Crewe Alexandra Football Club Hometown: Crewe Founded: 1877 Current Logo Previous Logos

Croatian Football Federation
Hrvatski Nogometni Savez Founded: 1912 FIFA affiliation: 1941 / 1992 UEFA affiliation: 1993 Current Logo Previous Logos

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